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Liability Coverage

Euclid Legal Pro, LLC will provide primary and excess error and omission coverage for law firms with 10 or more practicing attorneys. We will provide coverage on an exclusive, nationwide basis on behalf Hudson Insurance Group, whose companies are Rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best, Financial Size Category XV. Our underwriters bring an extensive history of experience from both an underwriting and claims perspective, and we firmly believe that providing exceptional support and responsiveness in the underwriting as well as the claims processes is our responsibility as insurance partners.

We will entertain a broad and diverse selection of law firms, and base our underwriting approach on an experience-based approach. We will consider all practice areas; however, we particularly value those firms with specialized practice areas, are focused experts within their field of practice, and have an advanced risk management culture.

Hudson Insurance Group

Submission Requirements:

Coverage Features

Euclid Legal Pro Carrier Partner Strength

Euclid Legal Pro Carrier Partner Strength

A.M. Best A+ (Superior) Size XV (Largest) / Standard & Poor’s A, Size XV (Largest)

Limit of Liability Offered

Limit of Liability Offered

5mln Each Claim, and 10mln in the Annual Aggregate

Minimum Retention


$25,00 each Claim
and in the Aggregate

Attorney Headcount Requirement

Attorney Headcount Requirement

10 or more practicing attorneys

Area of Practice RequiRements

Area of
Practice RequiRements

All areas of practice will
be considered

Jurisdictional Requirements


Hudson will provide primary and excess coverage in all States except Hawaii, and will operate on an excess only basis in New Jersey

Submission Requirements

Application (including competitor’s application), Five years of loss history, Area of Practice Break-down, Risk management details

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